Happy Chick v1.7.6.4

Are you looking forward to enjoying your favorite old classic electronic games? The happy chick needs to be your preferred option because that’s capable of virtually any game so that you may download it how you desire.

The chief delight of using Joyful chick is the option of downloading it directly from the catalogue. For this reason, you can install the documents which are free from any Malware strikes hand virus.

Happy Chick v1.7.6.4

The standalone application helps you to install games such as Nintendo, game boy, PS4 and other consoles. Fundamentally, the emulator supports more than 18 consoles so that you can play the games how you want.

It’s easy to search for your favorite games on the display itself. Seek the support of the controller and become connected with Bluetooth for handling the Game perform even better.


Happy chick is somewhat technical and contains little Logistic hurdles.
Thus, when it comes to playing games from the emulator, then you have to have a substantial ROM and storage capacity in your apparatus.

Otherwise, you may download the emulator straight away on your PC in order that any problems eliminated at the beginning itself.
The classic video Emulator has an enormous assortment of games to choose from.

How to install and use the app:

You are able to capably pick your favorite game and ensure it is realistic with all the game-pad creation. There’s not any need for strange configuration or complex procedures.

  • Open smartphone.
  • Enable unknown resources to install third party programs.
  • open the App and then download your Favourite Game from happy Chick and play the sport in the emulator.
  • The simplest way to perform a game through the joyful Chick v1.7.6.4 is by downloading it from the home screen itself.
  • Then, play the sport and revel in the program with no storage hassle. You’re permitted to download games on the cloud.
  • Once you install the game, it’s all yours always excellent.
  • That emulator would provide you a catalog of over 10000 games?
  • Happy chick has to offer you so much even if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad as the gambling device.

Best 5 alternatives for happy chick app

Happy chick is a popular application that is used for playing games on the android platform or on other platforms directly on android.  This application can emulate any platform to download games for any console. Happy chick provides the facility for users to download the games directly from its catalog, without using a separate tool for downloading files. When searching for games, the user gets a list of options.


This utility lists the available platforms for every game, thereby ensuring that users install the right game. Happy chick can simulate games for PlayStation 1, 2 or 3, Nintendo 64, MAME, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gameboy, and many others. Moreover, it lets the user download the android games through its own servers. With this emulator, the user is able to locate games, adapt it to the device screen and play with the onscreen controls or with any controller through Bluetooth.

5 alternatives Similar app for happy chick app

There are a number of alternate applications similar to happy chick. The five best ones are RetroArch, ePSXe, ZSNES, VisualBoyAdvance and Project64.


RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. It enables users to run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles through its slick graphical interface. Since the settings are unified, the configuration is done once for all platforms. RetroArch has incorporated features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times and runahead.

ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator)

ePSXe is a PlayStation video game console emulator for x86-based PC hardware with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Android devices. EPSXe is closed source, except its application programming interface (API) for its plug-ins. A patching feature allows users to apply game patches.


ZSNES is a free software Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator written in x86 assembly with official ports for Linux, DOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and an unofficial port for Xbox.


VisualBoyAdvance (VBA) is a free emulator for Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance hand held game consoles as well as of Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2.

VBA  has save state support, joystick support, Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2 border and color palette support, Game Boy printer emulation, real-time IPS patching, hacking and debugging tools (including loggers), viewers and editors, Game Boy advanced debugger, auto-fire support, speed-up key, full screen mode support and screen capture support.

In addition, VisualBoyAdvance-M adds the following:

  • HQ3x/4x pixel filters
  • Gameboy linking over LAN and Internet


Project64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator written in the programming language C for Microsoft Windows. This software uses a plug-in system allowing third-party groups to use their own plug-ins to implement specific components. Project64 can play Nintendo 64 games on a computer reading ROM images, either dumped from the read-only memory of a Nintendo 64 ROM cartridge or created directly on the computer as homebrew.


Project64 is considered as a top performing emulator and the most popular Nintendo 64 emulator. The program is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2, and is free and open source software.

Project64 is a highly compatible emulator that does not require the use of a basic input/output System (BIOS). The emulator supports multiplayer and allows alternating the aspect ratio without cropping.

Potential users of happy chick can opt for any of these five applications as reliable alternatives to Happy Chick for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone and more. Users can filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains more than 25 applications similar to Happy Chick.

Download Happy Chick on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak

With the emergence of Smartphones, gaming has become more phone orientated, Users prefer to like to play games more on mobile handsets instead of on computers or play stations, because of mobile offers additional flexibility and affordability alternative of costly gadgets, Modern games like  PUBG, FIFA, POKEMON GO etc. Requires top notch stimulating settings to play effectively, but sometimes stock game emulator provided by manufacturers doesn’t work that methodically.

In order to solve above problem HAPPYCHICK game emulator came as Savior, it is an app which support over 18 gaming consoles making gaming very effective and efficient and top quality games which required high level stimulation like, FIFA, GTA, PUBG, SUPER MARIO BROS, DRAGON BALL Z and many more. Happychick is downloadable in both platforms i.e. Android and IOS. You don’t need to root or jailbreak your device for installing this app which we can say the best thing about it. You can also download happychick for pc.

Gaming consoles supported and App features

Though Happychick supports over 18 gaming consoles, here is the list of few prominent one’s

  • PS1
  • GBA
  • SNES
  • GBC
  • GB
  • PSP
  • N64
  • NDS,
  • Nintendo, and many more


Happy Chick is one of the most feature-rich emulator apps ever released:

  • Supports many different consoles
  • Hundreds of different games supported.
  • Manuel game addition supported.
  • Online multiplayer gaming support.
  • LAN gaming supported means no need of online access every time.
  • Cloud syncing for fast and secure download.
  • Facilities to allow gameplay to be recorded and shared with your friends
  • Customizable gaming controls.
  • Create your own game maps
  • All modern android and ios device supported although RAM above 2 gb will be more beneficial.
  • No jailbreaking and rooting required.
  • No money required to download.

Download Happy Chick on iOS(iPhone/iPad)

HappyChick we can say, is the best emulator that renders support for many consoles out of all the emulators available. However, Apple doesn’t support this app so you need to look different methods to download it and we are going to show you a way to do it.

1. If your iPhone is Jailbreak then the method is different.

  • Go to the website and select option ‘jailbreak user’.
  • After pressing Jailbreak user option you can download the file of happychick app very  smoothly.
  • Click on the file downloaded and install it.
  • There is no we chat verification or trust verification required for jailbreaked iPhones.
  • Once installation is complete you are ready to go and start playing games with happychick emulator.

 Method2: Non Jailbreaked devices

  1. Go to the official website of happychick application.
  2. Select happychick for iOS and choose a non jailbreaked user.
  3. Provide trust verification to the Happychick emulator to download it.
  4. Click install’
  5. After installation provide trust verification to the app supplier.
  6. Happychick emulator is now ready to go on your device.

As with it is an unofficial app, there is always the risk of downloading it. However, the developers have promised and setup tight security batch on the app, making sure that it is not harmful for your device.

They push regular updates in order to provide security and, following our own examination, we can assure you that there is no ambiguity of the security of the app. Plus, you don’t need jailbreaking means you don’t have to hack the root of the iOS, making it safer. One thing you can have to use anti-virus software on your device as a precaution.

HappyChick is one of the best emulator app today; it offers support for multiple platforms, is completely free to use and doesn’t require a jailbreak. Try it today for having best gaming experience of your games.

Download Happy Chick Emulator for PC Windows 10/8.1/8 & Mac

If your favourite hobby is playing online games, and you miss the retro games that you used to play in 90’s then there is a chance to revive your memory. Those days were the days of PC and laptops. We used to play all kind of games on those only. Now in today’s time if you want to play those thousands of games then you need the help of an emulator.


What is Happy chick

Happy chick is the classic pack of emulator which will enable your PC to play the best games of your choice. This has become quite popular and thus one of the most downloaded app which helps the users of PC, Mac, laptops and OS.

Best features

  • This apk is truly unique and unmatched. It allows unlimited download of video games in private server as well as any global server.
  • It supports any high-speed game downloading and with it, you can download multiple games at the same time at the same speed.
  • This apk allows Bluetooth battle and network wi-fi thus you can save and download local games.
  • You can export games through this emulator to other devices.
  • You will get more than 10,000 game ROMs with this apk, thus you can find your chosen game from the list only. This hugely built library is a great feature of Happy Chick app.
  • This one supports 18 other game consoles, and you will never face any error while using this apk.
  • The retro games provided by this emulator are Super Mario, Pokemon, Monster Hunt, and many more. Also you can play many PSP and Arcade games which will make you a great scorer of games around the world.
  • Using the same wi-fi or LAN, you can play the game with your friends.
  • If you leave the game in-between, next time when you log-in, the game will start playing from where you have left it.

Download Happy Chick Emulator for PC Windows 10/8.1/8 & Mac

This emulator is good to go with Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 along with Windows 7 and Mac. To begin with the downloading of Happy Chick emulator, you need to first download an emulator which will prepare the computer for it.

  1. Bluestack emulator works best for this situation, so you can open the browser on your PC and search for the link of Bluestack emulator. Then click on the link and click download button that will appear on the page. After downloading it, click on its icon and install it which will take a few minutes. Bluestack is quite safe an emulator so you need not worry about the third-party-app that you will download afterward.
  2. Click and open the browser and search for Happy Chick emulator updated version downloading option. When found, click on it to download it your PC.
  3. Install it by tapping on the option, after some time the installation will be finished.
  4. Now open the Bluestacks emulator and check the downloaded option. Search for the Happy Chick emulator icon and click to install it. Do not open the file as an administrator but open it with normal privilege.
  5. This will take a few minutes and your device will be ready with Happy Chick latest version.

From Happy Chick you can download and play any online game of your choice. Best graphics are provided by this emulator and surely you will love your gaming experience more with this app.